Ekaterina Vanurina

About the master:

Ekaterina is a professional with more than 7 years of experience. She is a specialist in gel nails modelling and gel-varnish system. Master of female and male manicure. Master of female and male pedicure. She also deals with a problematic pedicure. Every year she advances her qualification at various courses in Europe and Russia. She is the repeated prize-winner at the international competition of nail art "Nevsky Berega". Ekaterina is an instructor at Faber Studio.


1, Madara 33, Tallinn

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  • Classic manicure 16 euro
  • Gel-polish application (S size) 30 euro
  • Gel-polish application (M size) 40 euro
  • Gel-polish application (L size) 60 euro
  • Female pedicure (price varies) 25 euro
  • Gel-polish application (Pedicure and Design) 40 euro
  • Problematic pedicure (price varies) 30 euro
Master rating: Recomendet 4