Viktoria Filip

About the master:

I am a cosmetic, nurse of aesthetic medicine and a nutrition specialist. The experience of a nurse of aesthetic medicine is 6 years, and directly in cosmetology 3, 5 years. I work in two places: in the clinic with a family doctor, and the rest of my free time in my cabinete. I constantly supplement my knowledge, consult with doctors if necessary, and send the client to the doctor when treatment or medical intervention are necessary. Also, if necessary, I advise the client: what kind of analyzes needed to be collected , as well as their interpretation. If there are changes in the analyzes, I recommend to visit the necessary doctors. I consider skin problems not only from the side of improper care, but also from the side of organism disfunction: due to improper nutrition, habits, sleep. Using medical knowledge, recommendations are given on all parameters (care, nutrition, symptomatic treatment, contacting a family doctor, and also, if necessary, specialist doctors).


1, Sütiste tee 19a, Tallinn

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  • Mechanical facial cleansing 35 euro
  • Ultrasonic facial cleaning 30 euro
  • Chemical peeling (price varies) 60 euro
  • PRX-T33 peeling (price varies) 90 euro
  • Mesotherapy for Face & Neck (price varies) 55 euro
  • Face-neck-neckline mesotherapy (price varies) 75 euro
  • Mesotherapy of the head (price varies) 45 euro
  • Body mesotherapy (price varies) 45 euro
  • Biorevitalization (price varies) 165 euro
  • Needle-free mesotherapy 40 euro
  • Mesotherapy for the face (price varies) 45 euro
  • Facial massage (price varies) 30 euro
  • Microneedling (price varies) 60 euro
  • PRP Plasma Therapy (price varies) 80 euro
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